Column Segment

Column segment metrics:

  • Cardinality: number of rows of the segment (like Rows of columns segment).
  • Rows: number of rows of the segment (like Cardinality of columns segment).
  • Data Size: bytes for all the compressed data in segment. It does not include dictionary and column hierarchies.
  • Database Size %: ratio of Table Size vs. Database Size (sum of Table Size of all the tables).
  • Segments #: number of segments.
  • Partitions #: number of partitions.
  • Encoding_: encoding type of the segments (HASH/VALUE); shows Many for group of segments with different encoding.
  • RI Violations: number of relationships with referential integrity violations, assigned to the table on the one-side of the M:1 relationship; such table has an additional blank row.
  • Bid. Filters: number of relationships with bidirectional filter propagation.
  • MMR: number of many-to-many cardinality relationships.
Last update: Jul 22, 2024