The HolidaysDefinition template use the following definition to create a HolidaysDefinition table.

  "Holidays": [
      "IsoCountry": "US",
      "MonthNumber": 1,
      "DayNumber": 1,
      "WeekDayNumber": 0,
      "OffsetWeek": 0,
      "OffsetDays": 0,
      "HolidayName": "New Year's Day",
      "SubstituteHoliday": "NoSubstituteHoliday",
      "ConflictPriority": 100


Array of holidays, each defined as follows.


Two-letter ISO code of the country.


Number of month - use 99 for relative dates using Easter as a reference.


Absolute day (ignore WeekDayNumber when other than 0).


Day of the week, as a number:

  • 0 : Sunday
  • 1 : Monday
  • 2 : Tuesday
  • 3 : Wednesday
  • 4 : Thursday
  • 5 : Friday
  • 6 : Saturday


Number of the week in the month, negative if the reference is the last one in the month

  • 1 : first week
  • 2 : second week
  • -2 : second-last week
  • -1 : last week


Days to add after OffsetWeek and WeekDayNumber have been applied.


Name of the holiday.


Define the logic to move an holiday to another day in case the date is already a non-working day (e.g. “in lieu of…”)

  • NoSubstituteHoliday (0): no substitution.
  • SubstituteHolidayWithNextWorkingDay (1): substitute the holiday with the next working day.
  • SubstituteHolidayWithNextNextWorkingDay (2): substitute the holiday with the second next working day. Use only for the holiday immediately before another holiday marked with SubstituteHolidayWithNextWorkingDay. For example, use SubstituteHolidayWithNextNextWorkingDay for Christmas and SubstituteHolidayWithNextWorkingDay for Boxing Day.
  • FridayIfSaturdayOrMondayIfSunday (-1): if the holidays falls on a Saturday then it is observed on Friday; if it falls on a Sunday then it is observed on Monday.


Priority in case of two or more holidays in the same date. A lower number corresponds to an higher priority.

For example, marking Easter relative days with 150 and other holidays with 100 means that other holidays take precedence over Easter-related days; use 50 for Easter related holidays to invert such a priority.


First year for the holiday, 0 if it is not defined.


Last year for the holiday, 0 if it is not defined.

Last update: Jul 22, 2024